1. The Regulations stipulate the rules of provision of services, responsibility and stay within the hotel’s premises and they constitute an integral part of an agreement concluded by signing the registration form, as well as by booking or making an advance payment or the full payment for the stay at the hotel. By making the above mentioned actions, the Guest confirms that they have acquainted themselves and accept the terms and conditions of Hotel Regulations.
  2. The regulations are applied to all Guests staying at the Aparthotel Neptun.


  1. Hotel room is rented for the day, from 3.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m. on the next day.
  2. A Guest shall pay the price for their stay on arrival at the Hotel, during the check-in.
  3. If the Guest resigns from a stay within the duration of the hotel day, the Hotel shall not return the charge for the given hotel day.
  4. A Guest should report his intension to prolong his stay in the Hotel at the reception desk until 9.00 a.m. in check-out day. The Hotel will accept the Guest`s intension to prolong his stay, if it is possible.
  5. Occupancy of the room after 12.00 a.m. shall be treated as prolongation of stay.


  1. The basis for Guest’s checking-in is the presentation of an identity card with photo to a Reception employee and signing of the registration form.
  2. A hotel Guest mustn’t pass the room to other people, even if the period for which the Guest paid did not expire.
  3. People who are not checked-in in Hotel can stay in a hotel room from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
  4. Stay of non-checked people in the Guest’s hotel room after 22.00 is treated as a consent of the Guest renting the room for payable accommodation of these people into the room.
  5. The Hotel may refuse to accommodate a Guest who previously flagrantly violated Hotel regulations, caused damage to Hotel or Guests’ property or injured a Guest, Hotel employees or other persons staying in the Hotel or otherwise disturbed peaceful stay or operation of the Hotel.
  6. Hotel reserves the right to draw an authorisation hold of the credit card or to draw a cash deposit in the amount of the full stay.
  7. A booking is guaranteed if an advance payment in the amount of 40% of the value is be made within 7 days from the day of booking. A failure to make the advance payment may result in cancellation of the booking.
  8. In case of failure to cancel a room booking till 6 p.m. of the arrival day or in case of failure to arrive at the hotel in the scheduled time, the advance payment shall not be returned.
  9. At check-in, the hotel reserves the right to preauthorize a security deposit on your credit card, over and above the price of your stay. The deposit is 400 PLN.


  1. Children below the age of twelve shall stay on the Hotel premises under the care of their legal guardian. The legal guardians bear material responsibility for any damages arising from the actions of children.
  2. The Hotel Guest is materially laiable for any damage, action or aviodance as well as the action of his accompanying persons. The Hotel has the right to charge Guest’s credit card for damages after his departure.
  3. In case of violating provisions of this regulations, the Hotel can refuse further delivering serbeces to the person who has broken them. Such a person is obliged to an immediate compliance for requests of the staff of the Hotel, of paying off receivables for existing benefits and amount due for damage if necessary made and damage and living hotel premises.
  4. Due to the safety requirements, each time leaving a room a Guest shall turn off the water and lock the door.
  5. The hotel has the statutory right to pledge the property brought to the hotel by the Guest, in case of delayed settlement of payments for the stay or failure to settle the amounts due for the provided services.


  1. The Guest shall report to the hotel reception the occurrence of damage, immediately after stating it.
  2. The hotel has a right of the refusal of acceptance for storing money, securities and valuables, in particular of the costliness and having objects scientific or artistic value, if they are threatening the safety or are moving considerable value towards the size or the standard of the hotel or are taking to much place.
  3. Hotel is not liable for damage or loss a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, objects left in car and animals, regardless of whether the vehicles were parked in the hotel car park or outside the hotel.


  1. Guest’s belongings left in the room after the leaving will be sent back at his expens, to the address indicated by him.
  2. Without such an instruction, the hotel will store these items for 3 months, and then will became Hotel property.


  1. The Guests in the hotel are obliged to keep the curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.


  1. The Guest has right to make a complaint in case of noticing any failures in the standard of services.
  2. Reception accept all complaint.
  3. The complaint should be making immediately after noticing the failures in the standard of services.


  1. We would like to inform You that according to the Act from 8th April 2010 (Dz. U. Nr 81, poz. 529) regarding to the changes to “The Act of Health Prevention from the effects of smoking” we are obligated to enforce the law to ban smoking in all hotel areas starting from 15th November 2010. According to the Art. 13.2 of the above mentioned Act – the event of breaking this law a fine will be imposed. Smoking is prohibited in all our hotel rooms. In the event of smoking ban is not observed, the Guest will be charged with refreshing costs and costs of fire brigade intervention if the Sound Alarm System goes on. The cost of the fine is 400 PLN.
  2. The charge for losing the chip card for hotel lock is 50 PLN.
  3. It is forbidden to making noise in the hotel, cause odors, or other things that interfere, damage or irritate the other Guests of the Hotel.
  4. Guest are not allowed to make any changes in the hotel room and their equipment except for a inconsiederable rearranging furniture and equipment, not affecting their functionality and safety of use.
  5. No dogs allowed in entire hotel.